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Clinical Quality Measures

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) define Clinical Quality Measures as "tools that help us measure or quantify healthcare processes, outcomes, patient perceptions, and organizational structure and/or systems that are associated with the ability to provide high-quality health care and/or that relate to one or more quality goals for health care."


We take clinical concepts found in your data and turn them into visuals for analysis and file outputs ready for submission to a variety of CQM authorities. Through CQMsolution, we apply measurement logic for a wide range of ambulatory and inpatient specialties to data in your EMR, management and/or billing system, helping you to better understand and receive credit for clinical performance.

CQMsolution is Clinical Quality Measure software for MIPS Quality Measures, Promoting Interoperability, IQR, Joint Commission, CPC+, and CCBHC.

Capture/Import. Calculate. Display. Analyze.


Calculate measures

Submit CQMs

CQMsolution enables you to select measures used by a wide variety of quality improvement programs, run reporting on your data and monitor your organization's performance. Dashboard screens allow you to view measure counts and rates, while drill-down displays the quality measure logic and associated codes, making it easy to troubleshoot your data to optimize measure performance.


There are 39 telehealth-eligible eCQMs for the 2023 performance period. 

Qualified Registry and Data Submission Vendor for Joint Commission ORYX Program

Whether you're reporting CQMs to CMS, the Joint Commission or both, we can guide you through the testing, file validation and submission process. We provide full services for ONC Certification, MIPS, Hospital Quality Reporting and ORYX (Joint Commission).

"The Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) is Michigan’s initiative to continuously improve health care quality, efficiency, and patient safety by promoting secure, electronic exchange of health information. MiHIN uses Dynamic Health IT's CQM solution software as one component in our overall quality measures solution to process quality data from providers throughout the state. We've been pleased with the robustness and features/functionality of the software. Dynamic Health IT has provided excellent support and we appreciate their responsiveness to MiHIN support and enhancement requests."

David Livesay
Director of Marketing

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