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Interface Engine, HL7, healthcare integration solutions, CCDA, CCD, Clinical Documents
Dynamic Health IT offers health-care integration solutions for health-care applications and providers, with an emphasis on productivity, efficiency and ease of use.

The Interface Engine is a full-featured environment for all your HL7® needs:

Simple browser-based screens for developing, maintaining and monitoring interfaces
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SHIN-NY Solution

State Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY) is a statewide platform that allows participants to exchange patient’s clinical care information throughout the state.  By March 09, 2017, all NY general hospitals and health care facilities that are utilizing certified electronic health record technology under HITECH must connect to the SHIN-NY and allow for private and secure bi-directional access to patient information.  For more information on SHIN-NY, click here


Examples of real-time data collected:


  • Demographics

  • Allergies

  • Diagnosis

  • Care Plan

  • Lab Results




Implementation of Dynamic’s SHIN-NY Solution will ensure successful submission of Patient Clinical Data, allowing your organization to participate within state regulations.  Dynamic Health IT’s ConnectEHR and The Interface Engine (TIE) work together to create and send CCDA 1.1 & 2.1 via XDS to Healthix.  ConnectEHR will create CCDAs and TIE will securely transport the xml file, then sends via XDS to Healthix.  If your EHR creates CCDAs, TIE will then send the CCDA to Healthix via XDS.

Infor Cloverleaf®

Building Interfaces

We’ve done hundreds of Cloverleaf interfaces between all the major application vendors:

  • ADT

  • Lab

  • Radiology/Imaging

  • State Reporting

  • and many others


Conversions, Upgrades and Migrations

  • We can upgrade your Cloverleaf engine and lead the migration to a new hardware platform.

  • If you are converting to a new EHR or HIS, we have expert, seasoned project managers who can lead the interface conversion process and ensure that this critical portion of your conversion is successful.

  • Conversion between various data formats and protocols is something we specialize in: XML, CSV, flat file, ANSI , https:, CCD, CCR and HL7 are all part of our portfolio.

Please contact us for a list of applications we’ve interfaced with – we’ve done hundreds of interfaces between all the major application vendors.
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