Qualified Registry

Quality Data Submission Solution

A registry can simplify and improve the CQM submission process in a variety of ways:
  • Reduces the burden on staff by providing expert technical and strategic support
  • Includes project management to oversee data-gathering, testing and submission
  • Optimizes your performance through quality measure selection and analysis of all available pathways to success
  • Provides guidance on regulations to ensure ongoing compliance
  • Streamlines and accelerates the MIPS submission process
A Qualified Registry (QR) is a CMS-approved entity that collects clinical data from MIPS eligible clinicians (individuals, groups, and virtual groups) and submits it to CMS.
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MIPS/QPP Qualified Registry

We are your strategic partner as a CMS-approved Qualified Registry (QR). This means we collect clinical data from MIPS eligible clinicians (individuals, groups, and virtual groups) for submission to the Quality Payment Program (QPP).
In addition to Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs), Dynamic Health IT (DHIT) can submit Promoting Interoperability (PI) metrics and practice Improvement Activities (IA). Just click the “Submit to DHIT” button and we do the work for you. DHIT’s experts can also provide project management, technical guidance, and strategic support. Leverage our expertise for consulting on regulations to ensure ongoing compliance.

Step 1:  Sign up

Choosing Dynamic Health IT as your Qualified Registry. We can also assist with your MIPS sign up and measure selection as a Participating Physician or Group.     

Step 2:  Optimize your performance

We review your performance scores in detail and ensure that your data is complete and appropriate for the logic of each measure. We advise you on measure selection, submission method and maximizing CQM bonus points.

Step 3:  Submit Successfully

The Dynamic Registry staff is committed to reducing your time to submission.  Our experts provide end-to-end support for collection, testing and submission of your data.  

Primary Care First

Primary Care First requires submitting CQM  data via a Quality Payment Program (QPP) qualified registry or a QPP qualified clinical data registry (QCDR).

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