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ConnectEHR® is our modularly-certified bolt-on software for ONC Health IT Certification Program 2015 Edition Cures Update. Our goal is to assist with your EHR certification by providing flexible, tailored software that can easily integrate and satisfy the most pressing MIPS, ACI and Promoting Interoperability requirements faced by clinicians.
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Creation of HL7® messages, including Immunization, Syndromic Surveillance, Reportable Labs, and Transmit Lab Results
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Meet MIPS Promoting Interoperability (PI) Requirements

Achieve ONC Certification

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USCDI Version 1

The USCDI is a standardized set of health data classes and constituent data elements for nationwide, interoperable health information exchange.


A USCDI “Data Class” is an aggregation of various Data Elements by a common theme or use case.


A USCDI “Data Element” is the most granular level at which a piece of data is represented in the USCDI for exchange.

The following criteria must support USCDI:

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ConnectEHR Added Payer Data to C-CDA (Information Blocking)

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Supports Public Health Electronic Case Reporting (eCR) XML


Satisfy Promoting Interoperability

Patients can View, Download & Transmit Patient Health Summary
Clinician to Patient Secure Messaging
170.315 (e)(2)

Mobile Friendly Patient Portal

ConnectEHR features a customizable Patient Portal enabling patients to view, download and transmit CCDA documents, access education resources and send secure messages to their provider.
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Contact DHIT for payment instructions.  When payment is complete, you will receive the password to download the software.

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