Strategic Partnership

As your strategic partner, we’ve fully reviewed the 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule and we’ve prepared our development deliverables and timetable to support you – our clients.  In addition to updating our software for new and revised certification criteria, we are providing timely updates to help you comply with Information Blocking rules. 

At Dynamic Health IT, we are excited to take the lead on developing and enhancing software products to meet these new regulatory requirements. Click on the categories below for a defined Strategic Partnership.
Conditions of Certification:  Your Strategic Partner Whitepaper
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2015 Edition Cures Update Certification Whitepaper
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CEHRT:170.315 (c)(1-4)

Qualified Registry

Patient Portal

CEHRT: 170.315(e)(1-3)

CEHRT:170.315(b)(1,4-8), (d)(2-13)(f)(1,2,5) ,(g)(2-6)

USCDIv2 Draft

Real World Testing

170.405 (b)(1)


Developing 170.315(g)(10)

Price Transparency

Improving Price and Quality Transparency

CEHRT: 170.315 (c)(1-4), enhanced with bulk export.  Certified all eCQMs for the 2021 Reporting Year.  For a list of supported measures, click here

CQMsolution®  is a user-friendly, browser-based application for calculating, displaying, and generating clinical quality measure output. Users can initiate quality measure reports, view patient-level results, analyze underlying data, and filter data on demographic variables.  


Our software has received the latest ONC Certification (2015 Edition), updated through the 2021 Reporting Year.  View CHPL link.

A Qualified Registry (QR) is a CMS-approved entity that collects clinical data from MIPS eligible clinicians (individuals, groups, and virtual groups) and submits it to CMS on their behalf.  In addition to QPP/MIPS, we support CPC+, Primary Care First, Direct Contracting, IQR, and The Joint Commission.  


CEHRT:  Cures Update 170.315(b)(1,7,8,10), (d)(2-13)(f)(1,2,5),(g)(6-9), View CHPL Link

ConnectEHR® is our modularly-certified bolt-on software for the ONC Health IT Certification Program 2015 Edition. Our goal is to assist with your EHR certification by providing flexible, tailored software that can easily integrate and satisfy the most pressing MIPS, ACI, and Promoting Interoperability requirements faced by clinicians.


ConnectEHR has migrated from the Common Clinical Dataset to USCDI.  All our CCDA generation and consumption capabilities have been enhanced to accommodate relevant criteria.

Multi-factor Authentication and ASTM Updates

We will add multi-factor authentication and ASTM updates for the (d) criteria for all our products currently certified for those criteria.

EHI Export Solution:  

ConnectEHR provides data export via User Interface download of an XML in the C-CDA 2.1 format.  

Currently export is available via JSON and XML as a FHIR resource DocumentReference per patient.  Future development will include FHIR Bulk Data Export for all patients.  ConnectEHR allows Administrators to create on-demand or scheduled exports of patient data to XML using the HL7 C-CDA 2.1 Standard.  This functionality fulfills export summary capability under the 2015 Edition Cures Update Certification measure (b)(10).

USCDI Summary updated.png

USCDI Summary of Data Classes & Data Elements, click to enlarge.  Data Elements added to Connect EHR are encased in boxes.


CEHRT: 170.315 (g)(7-9), enhanced with 170.315(d)(13) Multi-Factor Authentication,  Developing 170.315(g)(10)

Dynamic FHIR is now multi-tenant. Easy bolt-on API consolidates facilities and EHRs in a single server.  We are enhanced and updated the Dynamic FHIR API for Release 4 and intend to provide a complete FHIR solution that includes bulk export functionality. This will meet requirements for the new 170.315(g)(10) "Standardized API for patient and population services" criterion.  We have already enhanced Dynamic FHIR API with multi-factor athentication

Patient Portal (module of ConnectEHR)

CEHRT:  170.315 (e)(1-3)

Dynamic Health IT's ConnectEHR Modular Patient Portal has received the latest ONC Health IT Certification (2015 Edition) and integrates with EHRs.  The Portal provides easy access to health information, education resources, and secure messaging with clinicians.  

EHR vendors and developers of certified EHR modules should be cognizant of two rapidly-approaching important deadlines related to the 7 Conditions of Certification:

  • Submit Real World Test plans as mandated in 170.405 (b)(1) to your ONC-ACB by December 15, 2020*.

  • Publish terms and conditions for your certified API and make sure you are not “Information Blocking” as of November 2, 2020*.

*Due to the COVID crisis, these requirements have a 3-month enforcement discretion period.


Dynamic Health IT (DHIT) features an easy-to-use web site for your consumers and prospective consumers that can help market your services while meeting the requirements for the new Price Transparency regulations. 

Dynamic Health IT is your Strategic Partner for FHIR, CCDA, and ONC Certification.  We are known and respected by certification bodies, EHR vendors, and healthcare providers.  When it comes to certification, we offer a comprehensive Gap Analysis and consulting services to ensure successful certification.  Our bolt-on certified software can be quickly integrated and fill many of the certification requirements.  


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