Primary Care First (PCF)

Under Primary Care First, CMS selected a set of quality measures to assess the quality of care delivered at each practice.  Dynamic Health IT's Registry Solution supports Primary Care First eCQMs and MIPS measures:
"The Quality Gateway serves as an indicator that practices are meeting or exceeding a threshold quality of care standard as they engage in strategies to reduce utilization. For each of the five Quality Gateway measures, CMS will set a threshold based on national practice performance. In order to pass the Quality Gateway and be eligible for a positive performance-based adjustment (PBA), practices must meet or exceed the threshold for all five measures."
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EHR Vendors:  Integrate CQMsolution with your EHR to provide support for PCF:

  • CMS Benchmarks with Performance Score
  • Submit directly to Dynamic Health IT's Registry
  • Drilldown to patient-level data
Qualified Registry
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