First Virtual FHIR Connectathon (#24)

Updated: Mar 4

With ONC finally designating FHIR Release 4 as the required standard for APIs in healthcare, the virtual FHIR Connectathon #24 was the place to be! Dynamic Health IT (DHIT) attended in full force, ready to collaborate, learn, show and tell. Normally the FHIR Connectathons (held in conjunction with the HL7 International Working Group Meetings) are a great opportunity for the FHIR community to interact and work face-to-face. In this post-COVID-19 world, last weeks was different. There were benefits to having a virtual Connectathon, though:

  • More were able to participate – over 50% increase in the number of participants

  • DHIT had 5 participants – the most ever

  • The Zoom breakout rooms allowed attendees to span more topics

DHIT participated in 7 of the 37 tracks of the FHIR Connectathon. We focused on FHIR use cases that will benefit our customer base and satisfy the ONC’s EHR certification requirements.

Electronic Case Reporting (ECR)

With the COVID pandemic on everyone’s minds, Electronic Case Reporting (ECR) to track the disease spread was a hot topic at this Connectathon. The Public Health Track focused on educating attendees on the CDC’s new SMART on FHIR app called “eCR Now”, which uses FHIR DSTU3. The goal of eCR Now is automatic reporting without disruption of provider workflow when a diagnosis or problem list item is recorded. Sessions focused on how to trigger the app in order to report to public health agencies. Aside from the COVID epidemic, eCR is also an ONC EHR certification criterion – 170.315(f)(5) and included in MIPS and Promoting Interoperability. DHIT can make an eCR xml available as a FHIR resource.

Bulk Data Track

DHIT also participated in the Bulk Data Track, anticipating that this will be an important component of the new 21st Century Cures 17