FHIR Connectathon: Bulk FHIR

Updated: Jun 14

Fueled by the recent May FHIR Connectathon, Dynamic Health IT (DHIT) has renewed our focus on leveraging FHIR to solve our customer’s use cases:

  • ONC Certified EHR products will be required to support Bulk FHIR under the new 170.315(g)(10): "Standardized API for Patient and Population Services".

==> Deadline for Rollout: End of 2022

==> Timeframe: No deadline yet. Should happen over the next few years.

The 170.315(g)(10) Standardized API criterion dramatically expands required functionality for EHR vendors. Prior to (g)(10), APIs only had to provide data for one patient at a time, limiting the utility of APIs to personal health record (PHR) apps and not much else. (g)(10) requires EHRs to support queries for data from multiple patients, supporting use cases such as “Give me USCDIv1 data for all patients discharged from January 1st through March 31st” or “Give me the problem lists for all patients with PCP doctor Susan Smith”, and even mass data dumps for EHR conversions.

DHIT Embraces Bulk Data

To accommodate (g)(10), DHIT is expanding our existing Dynamic FHIR API to support two options:

  1. Continue to use the CCD as the primary source of data for the FHIR resources, and

  2. Accepting a variety of data sources, including CCD, QRDA I, HL7 v2 ADT, and ORU messages, to build a FHIR data store.