Quality Measures

CQMsolution® is a bolt-on software for Stage 3 and MIPS Quality Reporting, with ONC certification for measures 170.315(c)(1), 170.315(c)(2) ), 170.315(c)(3) & 170.315(c)(4).

CQMsolution® generates QRDA Category I and III output from your data and can import QRDA XML files for report calculations. Our application supports all 93 CQMs used by Medicare EHR Incentive Program for the current version of Cypress(3) and all 64 aligned PQRS measures for Eps with PQRS individual and group output options. It also generates IQR output.

CQMsolution® runs as stand-alone application or as Bolt-on Software designed to attach to any EHR using a SQL Database, API or Staging Tables.

2014 Stage 2

ConnectEHR® has a customizable Patient Portal enabling patients to view, download and transmit CCDA documents and send secure messages to their provider.

ConnectEHR® meets interoperability requirements for Health IT Certification Criteria and easily integrates with any EHR. With base EHR plus bolt-on ConnectEHR® functionality, your customers can meet objectives under Meaningful Use/MIPS/MACRA.

For more details, read our ConnectEHR® White Paper

ConnectEHR® is built to work with the Direct Project functionality. DHIT will assist you with you Direct Implementation.


Dynamic Health IT offers Gap Analysis services for EHR vendors who would like to be certified for 2015 Edition HITECH/CEHRT. We analyze your system for 'gaps' in requirements and produce a detailed report with salient information that can then become your “roadmap” for certification.

Dynamic Health IT has worked with the major ONC Authorized Testing Labs (ONC-ATL) (formerly called ONC-ATCBs). Drummond Group and Infogard are good choices based on their expertise and well-documented testing processes.

Our bolt-on software is designed for easy seamless integration with your EHR. The user interface is browser-based and each module has multi-tenant capabilities for maximum flexibility. Single sign on is a popular option. We guide you through the integration process.

When your system is fully configured and ready for certification testing, contact your ONC-ATL (formerly called ONC-ATCB) to schedule your test date.

After you successfully test your system with an ONC-ATL, your testing report will be submitted to ONC by your proctor for official HITECH Certification.

DHIT can assist EHR software vendors on their certification journey through Gap Analysis, Bolt-on Software, Expertise on demand and Test Preparation.