CCDConnect for Meditech is an application that allows Meditech hospitals to send and receive Clinical Documents in both the ASTM Continuity of Care Record (CCR) and the HL7 Continuity of Care Document (CCD) standard formats.CCD documents can be sent to Health Information Exchanges or to other providers. CCDConnect works with any version of Meditech and is built on the proven HL7Connect interface engine platform. HL7connect is a full-featured interface engine from Kestral ™ in Australia that facilitates exchange of HL7 messages and CCD’s.

CCDConnect enables you to meet HITECH certification requirements in the areas of exchanging clinical summaries, electronic copy of clinical information and discharge information.

Sending and Receiving CCD’s:

There are two scenarios where CCDConnect sends CCD’s.

1) Automatically, based on the following parameters patient discharge and “opt in” or “opt out” status.

2) On demand, from a custom Meditech screen where the user can enter key patient identifiers

In either scenario, CCDConnect extracts the data from Meditech and sends it to HL7Connect, which packages it into the required CCD format and transmits the resulting CCD document to the HIE using their preferred protocol (web portal, file, TCP/IP socket, etc.)

There are two scenarios where CCDConnect receives CCD’s.

1) Based on a query to the HIE triggered by user update of a custom screen in Meditech that allows entry of key patient identifiers.

2) Unsolicited: The HIE sends CCD’s based on its own rules and trigger events.

Presenting CCD Data to Users:

After receiving the CCD’s, HL7Connect parses them for display in a user-friendly format. This data is readily accessible to clinicians and alerts can notify clinicians when a clinical document has been received.