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Increase your MACRA Competitiveness -​

simplify optimized physician reimbursement

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CQMSolution and MACRA Monitor features:
  • Integrate with your EHR
  • Powerful Financial modeling
  • Analyze data and help improve scoring
  • Successful submission with Dynamic Registry 
  • MACRA consultant for your Users
Our software will keep your EHR up to date with MACRA regulations, removing development and financial burdens.
Concierge Desk


Face it.  The MACRA Regulations are a complicated Beast, and you don't have time to dig through the details for answers to your user's questions.    Our Concierge staff gives defensible answers with specific supporting citations from official sources.  Your users will have access to our concierge to resolve issues like:


  • If I have an ACO, will all my providers be covered? 

  • What do I need to do with my Meaningful Use? 

  • How do I decide between Advanced APM and MIPS? 

  • What are my financial implications? 


Every question is answered with the regulatory citations that will withstand audit scrutiny to better defend attestation.

There are two (manual) ways providers can submit.  One is a manual attestation, where they type in all the measures and values for each provider/group.  The other is JSON-based upload, which requires EIDM access.  The provider logs in to the QPP site, using their EIDM credentials (this is often an issue) and uploads a QRDA.


Why use DHIT to submit?  

  1. Streamlined method with automated bi-directional reporting to/from CMS. 

  2. Ease of submission:  No need to manually download/upload QRDA to QPP site.


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MIPS/QPP Submission API: Advantages for Providers


In January of this year, CMS approved our Dynamic Registry as a Qualified Registry for the 2023 reporting year. Given the everchanging complexities of data submission, many providers are turning to Qualified Registries (QR) and Qualified Clinical Data Registries (QCDR) to help alleviate the burden.


The automated data exchange is only available to QRs & QCDRs for 2023 reporting. The API provides real-time data validation and onscreen score previews. The API dashboard also contains a function that allows providers to edit existing data without requiring resubmission. Our team has integrated the API with CQMsolution to offer our providers a complete automated process resulting in an email from CMS confirming submission and providing scores.

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