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Interoperability In Action

We provide software and expertise to facilitate the sharing of data from one healthcare application to another.

Interoperability is two or more applications exchanging data.  It encompasses physical interoperability - The sending and receiving of data - but more importantly, it means semantic interoperability: The ability of one application to understand and interpret the data sent from another application. Semantic interoperability includes sharing common codes (e.g. ICD-10, SNOMED or LOINC) and common data formats (HL7®, CCDA or QRDA).


We take interoperability from theory to practice with an approach that makes your data both clinically and technically meaningful. To achieve this, we rely upon leading-edge technology,  technical expertise and a close working relationship with our clients.

Dynamic FHIR® API provides leading-edge interoperability functionality while meeting ONC 2015 Edition Cures Update EHR certification requirements for 170.315(g)(7, 9 and 10). 

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Interface Engine, HL7, healthcare integration solutions, CCDA, CCD, Clinical Documents

The Interface Engine is a full-featured environment for all your HL7 needs.

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DIRECT, healthcare standard protocol, secure data transmission

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The Direct Project is creating a low-cost, practical, secure mechanism for exchanging health information over the Internet. Direct makes it possible for providers to securely email information to other trusted providers, such as specialists, pharmacies, and laboratories. The mechanism is:

  • Simple. Connects participants by allowing them to securely transmit messages in an encrypted manner.

  • Secure. Makes it easy for participants to verify that messages are complete and not tampered with en route.

  • Scalable. Achieves Internet scale without the need for a central network authority to provide sophisticated services.

  • Standards-based. Built on well-established Internet standards, commonly used for secure email communication.

FHIR® and the FLAME mark are registered trademarks of Health Level Seven International and is used with the permission of HL7.

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