Engaging Patients:

Price Transparency

On June 24, President Trump signed an Executive Order on Improving Price and Quality Transparency mandating hospitals to publicly post standard charge information. 
Hospitals face two requirements:
  • Display a Machine Readable, publicly-available list of charges with negotiated and payer-specific discounts, and
  • Provide a user-friendly app or website for patients and guarantors to get estimated costs for “shoppable services”.
  • Deadline:  January 21, 2021


Dynamic Health IT (DHIT) features an easy-to-use web site for your consumers and prospective consumers that can help market your services while meeting the requirements for the new Price Transparency regulations. 


  • Branded with your logo

  • Prospective patients can view their “Estimated Out of Pocket Cost” based on:

    • Selecting a “shoppable service”

    • Entering their insurance total deductible and how much they’ve met so far

    • Entering their co-pay and co-insurance amounts

  • Option to customize contact information with users next steps: make an appointment, more information needed, hospital contact phone and website

  • Redirect to the hospital website

  • Optionally collects patient demographic and contact information


Allows you to upload the following:

  • Your chargemaster, list of payers, and payer-specific discounts.
  • The CMS list of “shoppable services” is pre-listed and you can use them or add your own.
  • For each shoppable service, you can select one or more charge codes and each charge code can have a quantity.
  • Payers can have across-the-board discounts or item-specific discounts, or a combination of the two
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