Welcome to Dynamic Health IT's HIMSS20 Virtual Meeting Room.

2020 marks the tenth year Dynamic Health IT planned on exhibiting at HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition. We are sorry to have missed meeting face-to-face at our booth but we are happy to have the opportunity to meet with you virtually until next year.

Product Brochures

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Check out our Q & A session,  Dynamic Health IT — Powerful Technology Fueling Providers and EHR Vendors


Some of our favorite topics:

  • Keeping up with Regulatory Updates with us as your Strategic Partner 

2015 Edition Cures Update

At Dynamic Health IT, we are excited to take the lead on developing and enhancing software products to meet these new regulatory requirements.  Here is a high-level overview of our planned enhancements and timetable:  


  • We are updating and enhancing the Dynamic FHIR API for Release 4 and intend to provide a complete FHIR solution that includes bulk export functionality. This will meet requirements for the new 170.315(g)(10) "Standardized API for patient and population services" criterion.  

  • All our CCDA generation and consumption capabilities will be enhanced to accommodate relevant criteria for the migration from the Common Clinical Dataset to USCDI.

  • We will add multi-factor authentication and ASTM updates for the (d) criteria for all our products currently certified for those criteria.

  • Over time, we’ll add support for new releases as new standards are approved under the new Standards Version Advancement Process (SVAP).