Report Writing

Do you have a backlog of reports but lack the resources to get them done?

We can assist with the development and troubleshooting of any and all Meditech NPR, STAR KB SQL, Quadramed Affinity, Crystal Reports and other SQL-based reports. For Meditech, our expertise includes both Magic and Client Server platforms. In addition to general purpose report writing for all the Meditech modules, we offer:

  • Custom Meditech Dashboard Displays (pha, nur, poe, etc.)
  • Addition of custom panels to PCI to launch reports or external applications
  • Download of reports to Excel
  • Populating custom Meditech queries via SOA call (allergies, insurance information, etc.)
  • Launching external Meditech applications from Meditech menus, hotkeys or queries
  • Custom pop-up messages

Data Extraction

Your Source for Successful System Conversions

When you are implementing a new HIS system, one of the important decisions involves whether to convert data from your old system to the new system. The ongoing cost of maintaining the old system for printing and viewing data or "working down" the A/R can be extremely high. On the other hand, you've heard the stories and know that converting data to a new system can be a nightmare.

For a hospital without the requisite expertise and tools, data conversions can be a major risk. Your hospital can't afford to lose critical clinical or financial data in the transition from one system to another. Data issues can add cost and time to your HIS transition and have a lasting adverse impact once the new system is up and running. You don't want to have your critical HIS applications break down because of bad converted data.

Successful conversions depend on an understanding of how both the old and new systems store, manage, and report data. They also require knowledge of hospital workflow and how the data elements are utilized. Another success factor is the commitment to thorough validation and testing of the converted data so that your HIS go live has a positive impact on hospital operations, A/R days, and healthcare delivery.

If you need to move data from one of the systems listed above to a new HIS, contact us at to find out more about our data conversion services.