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EHI Export Solution

Preventing Information Blocking

The ConnectEHR UI provides bulk data export  downloads in C-CDA 2.1 XML format.  

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Dynamic FHIR API supports creating a single-patient FHIR resource DocumentReference and FHIR Bulk Data Export for patient populations.


ConnectEHR allows Administrators to export patient data to XML using the HL7 C-CDA 2.1 Standard.  This functionality fulfills export summary capability under 2015 Edition Cures Update Certification measure (b)(10).

Create Data Export Reports

Administrators are able to create instant or scheduled data export reports via the 'Administration' tab (Administration>Data Export).  In order to create data export reports, the ConnectEHR Agent (located in Services) must be running and the AgentRun_Batch in tblConfiguration should be set to True.

On-demand Reports

On-demand data export reports allow the user to select all patients, a single patient, or a subset of patients at a specific practice.

  1. Login to ConnectEHR and navigate to Administration>Data Export>>Data Export

  2. Choose a Practice from the Practice List dropdown.

  3. Click on Export specific patients and search for your patient(s)

  4. Confirm your patients then Click Run Report

  5. Navigate to Administration>Data Export>>Data Export Status to identify and download your batch.

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After clicking 'Run Report', whether for an entire practice or subset of patients, you will see 'Data Queued to be Exported' across the top of the screen in a green banner 

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Download Batch

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Includes new US Core Data for Interoperability Version 1 (USCDIv1) data elements:

  • Demographics, Pediatric Vital Signs, Provenance, Pediatrics, and Clinical Notes


  • The C-CDA Clinical Notes section can contain a Consultation Note, Discharge Summary Note, History & Physical, Imaging Narrative, Laboratory Report Narrative, Pathology Report Narrative, Procedure Note, or a Progress Note.

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