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21st Cures Act Updates

At Dynamic Health IT (DHIT) we are eager to share recent and planned updates to our products.


As your strategic partner, we’ve fully reviewed the 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule, published May 1st, and we’ve prepared our development deliverables and timetable to support you – our clients.  In addition to updating our software for new and revised certification criteria, we are providing timely updates to help you comply with Information Blocking rules.

The Cures Act effective date is June 30th but numerous deadlines follow.  For more information on the Cures Act timeline, please see our blog.  

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ConnectEHR/Patient Portal
ConnectEHR Complaince.png
Dynamic FHIR API
FHIR compliance.png

Dynamic FHIR is now Multi-Tenant. Easy Bolt-on API delivers FHIR resources to patients from 1 FHIR server regardless of the EHR.  Other use cases:

  • Merger situations

  • Hospital systems

Additional Features now available in the Dynamic Suite of products:
  • The ability for Patients to have Multiple Authorized Representatives (Proxy)

  • Bulk Patient Notifications via Secure Message or Email

  • Payer Data added to C-CDA

  • Progress Notes

  • Movable Card View (image below) 

  • Easy view of Prior Year Comparison on Current Year Report View

Card view.png
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