Patient Portal

Inpatient and Ambulatory 2014 Edition HITECH Certification (Modular)

Dynamic Health IT's customizable Patient Portal integrates with our ConnectEHR® software, which is modularly-certified for Meaningful Use 2014 Edition. The Portal allows patients easy access to clinical documents and includes the following features:

  • View, download and transmit via Health Summary & Preliminary CCDA via Direct
  • Access and print Clinical Summary
  • Send/receive secure messages between patient and provider
  • Audit log for patient to monitor Portal account activity
  • Built-in connectivity to certified MaxMD HISP with optional connectivity to other HISPs
  • Customizable user interface and features for account activation and notifications
  • Automatic and manual utilization reporting (if using ADT feed))
  • Administrators have access to up-to-date patient utilization statistics and statuses, viewable in web interface and by automatic email
DHIT Solutions Image

Patient Portal screen

DHIT Solutions Image

Patient Portal admin screen in ConnectEHR

ConnectEHR ® Patient Portal meets the following certification criteria:

Inpatient Ambulatory Criteria
170.314(d) (3) Audit Log
170.314(d) (5) Automatic log-off
170.314(e) (1) View, download, and transmit to 3rd party
170.314(e) (2) Ambulatory setting only-clinical summaries
170.314(e) (3) Ambulatory setting only-secure messaging

Full list of Portal Features